Yacht Link: Buy/sell with 0% sales commission

Brokers are useful in really big markets but here in Costa Rica they are useless. Simple: in this market we all know each other and make contact is very easy. You just need some help to make your yacht visible. And that is what we do, we make you boat visible to the boating community. Welcome to YachtLink: 

  • You sell direct to buyers, and/or you buy direct from sellers. 
  • One-time web, pdf, photos, video, email production setup very low fee
  • 0% sales commission and no other costs.
  • Professional pricing analysis 
  • Regional listing www.reddolphinsmarine.com 
  • Global listing in the most prestigious yacht digital publication 
  • UNLIMITED content & mail distribution
  • FREE coordination of yacht visits, sea trials
  • FREE escrow account in Costa Rica
  • On-demand technical & legal assistance.

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